How to Stage a House for a Quick Sale?

Real estate is a growing market in every part of the world. More people every day are investing in improving their lifestyle by choosing a fancier and more spacious home. That’s why the real estate marketplace always stays hot. However, there are several techniques for selling your house quickly with great value.

Staging a home for a quick sale is your biggest weapon if you’re selling your house and looking for a high valuation. Staging a house increases buyer appeal and maximizes the chances of your house selling at a good rate. In this article, we will take a deep dive into top-notch staging ideas for homes.

Staging Home for Sale

Staging a home means showcasing its best assets and getting it ready to list in the marketplace. Staging tends to impress buyers and, in turn, increases your home’s selling price. Here’s how to stage a house for sale inexpensively.

1. Clean the Bathroom and Use White Towels

It’s a common saying in the real estate world that the bathrooms of your house will go a long way in upscaling the price of your home. The cleanliness and orderliness of your bathroom show how much care has been given to your home. That’s why your first step should be the simplification of your bathroom.

Make everything as clean as new, and remove any beauty products or shampoo bottles that may leave a bad impression. A golden tip is to use clean white towels and washcloths. White is a color of peace, and white towels will give a feeling of relaxation in the washroom, which will look highly appealing to the buyers.

2. Wallpaper and Paint

If you have funky wallpapers and stylish paint colors in your home, your best bet is to tear them down and whitewash the entire house. It is highly unlikely that a buyer and seller will have the same taste in colors and walls. Also, buyers like to see a home as customizable as possible, so whitewashing the walls will give off a sense of potential creativity which is highly valued.

Choose colors that are not flashy and represent peace and calmness. White, off-white, and light-green walls look way better in a new home than in some rocky color or pattern. Paint warm and neutral colors on your walls, and you’re good to go.

3. Exterior

You might’ve heard of the phrase, “First impressions last”. It carries high importance in the real estate world as the exterior of your house will depict whether the buyer wants to see the inside or not. That’s why exterior appearance is as important as interior design.

So, groom your exterior by cleaning the lawn and pruning any trees, branches, or bushes. Plant small flowers and plants near the entrance to give the house an overall friendly appeal. Also, purchase new doormats, clean the stairs and outdoor windows, and renew the exterior paint with a bright color that reflects sunlight.

If your house has a swimming pool, ensure it is crystal clear and filled with clean water. The exterior of your home carries high importance if you’re looking for a quick high-value sale.

4. Rework Room Layouts

Room Layouts are also crucial to make your house look spacious, soothing, and airy. The living room is the centerpiece in this regard. Living rooms are crucial in-house inspections as they are the home’s busiest part. To increase buyer’s appeal, clean the living room and reorient it to make it look big and spacious.

Purchase neutral-looking furniture and rearrange the setting for more space in the center. Remove any extra fittings for a cleaner and neutral vibe. Reworking the room layouts can change the game even if you have small rooms in the house.

5. Cleanse Kitchens and Baths

Once again, a clean kitchen and bathrooms will go a long way in selling your house quickly at a good rate. It is human psychology that you’ll look for the cleanest piece if you’re purchasing anything. That’s why cleansing kitchens and baths to every last corner are crucial.

On the inspection day, use plastic utensils and use the bathroom as low as possible. Keep the floor fresh and shining. Also, use styling equipment that gives off a minimalistic vibe to appeal to the buyer.

6. Comfort

One of the most efficient staging tips for selling your home is to focus on the comfort perspective. Human psychology says our brain is designed to seek comfort even in the toughest situations. So, you can intentionally plant comforting furniture, decoration pieces, or home appliances.

So, purchase comfy cushions, arrange the sofa at the perfect angle for long Netflix hours, design a separate home workplace, and delete anything that may get in the way of comfortability. With up-to-date furnishings, staging a house for comfort will help you sell your house quickly at a better value.

7. Decorate Your Windows

Focusing on how your windows look may be the golden edge you were looking for. 100% of the buyers, when inspecting, will look out the windows to check the view it’s offering. Yes, you can’t change the view, but you can change how appealing the windows look.

Don’t leave your windows bare and simple. Instead, hang drapes, remove the cheap blinds, and put a scented flower plant near them to multiply the buyer’s appeal. Drape colors matter a lot. Choose drapes that go well with the room’s neutral colors.

8. The “Welcoming” Vibe

Last but not the least, keep your house as welcoming as possible. Clean every corner, dust off the shelves, and freshen the air. Buyers, while inspecting, often imagine themselves living in your house. So, keep the environment as friendly and clean as possible.

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