At 3 Step Home Buyer, we help homeowners avoid the “stress” of selling the traditional way and get a cash offer within minutes!

With a decade of experience in the industry, we understand that the journey toward selling a home can be overwhelming. The amount of time it takes to sell your house in Florida is 77 days — 42 days for a buyer to offer and an additional 35 days for the sale to close.

As real estate professionals, we wanted to revolutionize the traditional methods of selling homes by offering our clients a fast, hassle-free alternative that would shorten their selling process with the added benefit of an all-cash offer.

Modern Way of Selling a Home!

3 Step Home Buyer is founded on the idea that a home seller doesn’t have to go through multiple agents or wait months to sell their home for less than what they want. We are a customer-first real estate investment company committed to helping homeowners across Florida sell their house fast for cash and at fair market value.

With our innovative approach to the home buying process – at 3 Step Home Buyer, when you list your Florida house for sale, you receive a fair cash offer from us within minutes. You don’t need to worry about finding a qualified buyer, preparing the paperwork, completing the inspection, or waiting weeks for your house to sell. All you do is provide us with info about your property address, answer some questions and choose your closing date.

As soon as you accept our no-obligation cash offer, we will complete the transaction within seven days! It’s as easy as that. No fuss. No headache. No stress. Just money! And best of all, there are no closing costs or agent fees paid to any real estate agents. It really is that simple!

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Our Philosophy

At 3 Step Home Buyer, we believe a win-win real estate transaction should not only result in a happy investor but also a satisfied homeowner.

We never attempt to take advantage of homeowners in a financial bind. We strive to use financial creativity to craft deals that benefit the customer and our company. At 3 Step Home Buyer, we will not proceed with a transaction unless everyone wins.

Our Core Values

3 Step Home Buyer was born out of the frustration and disappointment experienced by many sellers stuck in the traditional real estate sales method. We’re here to change that.

We know that people need options when it comes to selling their property. That’s why we make sure every deal reaches its potential. Our number one priority is ensuring that both parties walk away happy.

Here are some of the core values we live by:

Honesty & Integrity: We treat our customers fairly, always acting in accordance with the highest level of ethical conduct. Our integrity sets us apart from others in the real estate marketplace.

Transparency: We give our customers complete and accurate information throughout the entire process. We don’t hold back anything; we tell it like it is.

Professionalism: We are dedicated to providing quality service to those we work with. Our goal is to make our customers feel valued, respected, and cared for.

Customer Focus: We focus on building long-term relationships with our customers based on trust, integrity, and respect.

If you are a first-time Florida home seller looking for an alternative way to sell your house fast for cash and enjoy more peace of mind while doing so, contact us today.