Selling your home has never been a walk in the park, and you can be at your wits’ end when the selling process becomes time-consuming. Is the same case with you? Oh No! You are surely doing something wrong but don’t know exactly where and what.

Relax! Not just you but most of the other peeps also find it highly challenging when selling a house in Hollywood. Let us spill the beans that the number of homes sold last year was 312. But this number has been reduced to 190.

You must be aware of the mistakes that act as a stumbling block in selling your home. In this regard, we have filtered the top five things to avoid when selling home in Hollywood, Florida. So, let’s dive deep into this content to sell your home fast.

Here we go to get the best deal within no time!

5 Things to Know When Selling a House

Who wants to wait for years to sell the home? None! Instead, you’ll want to get $$ for your home in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. So, when putting your house on the market, avoid all these mistakes.

  • Don’t be Fooled by Setting an Unrealistic Price
  • Selling During Winter Months Would be the Main Blunder
  • Don’t Limit Your Visual Space with Excess of Indoor Houseplants
  • Say No to Overdoing Holiday Decorations!
  • A Hodgepodge of Area Rugs Will Make Your Rooms Look Choppy and Small

Here’s the complete detail about each of these points.

1- Don’t be Fooled by Setting an Unrealistic Price

Would setting a higher price help you get some extra $$? Rather than giving you extra money, this mistake prevents your home from being sold. Always price your home at fair market value or even below that.

Doing this will attract a good number of buyers towards you. And resultantly, this will drive the price up to the market level. And you can then pick the most suitable offer. Isn’t it an amazing trick?

So, when you are setting the price, keep these below-mentioned points in consideration;

  • Initially, analyze the current real estate market conditions.
  • Check the price of neighborhood homes that are recently sold.
  • Compare the features of your home with other available options in the market.
  • Consider the amount that you spent on fix-ups to enhance marketability. Add that price to the overall selling price.
  • Keep the selling price within 5% of the market value.

The housing inventory has dropped 43% in the last few years, which increases the chances of getting more offers from buyers. So, if you have set the right price, these buyers can easily reach you, and you can get the best offer for your home.

For instance, let us tell you that in December 2022, the median list price of homes was $420,000 in Hollywood, Florida. At the same time, it was $644,495 in 2021.

For the best price prediction, you can consult the professionals from 3-Step Home Buyer. They can suggest the best price according to the market conditions.

2- Selling During Winter Months Would be the Main Blunder

Winter might be your favorite season, but it’s a slow season for residential property transactions or selling your home. That’s because, at the end or start of the year, most folks prefer to stay in cozy environment of their homes. It decreases the number of buyers in the market.

That’s why the Florida housing market isn’t that hot. Consequently, it will take longer than usual to sell home during winter. But on the other hand, there might not be as many competing sellers during winter.

So, selling in winter might work to your advantage, but there’s no surety for this. Doubtlessly, warm weather brings more buyers with it. So why not wait for the weather to get a little warm to enjoy guaranteed profitable deals?

Do you feel you need to learn about the right time to sell your home? No worries! You can contact the 3-Step Home Buyer for advice regarding the best time for selling your home in Hollywood, Florida.

3- Don’t Limit Your Visual Space with Excess of Indoor Houseplants

There’s no denying that indoor houseplants give an aesthetic impression to your home. But wait a second. Do you think this will attract the buyers, or will they close the deal just because of the green space in your home? No, my friend! Having excess indoor plants will only decrease your visual space.

When selling a home in Hollywood, kick this thought out that the sky’s the limit for using indoor houseplants. And if you’re an anthophile (houseplant enthusiast) but going to sell your home, reduce the number by giving some to your neighbors. Only keep a few healthy and fresh plants for the sake of enhancing the view.

Otherwise, these plants can limit your available space, and your house won’t get sold. So, keeping the indoor houseplants minimal is the best way to sell your house in Florida.

4- Say No to Overdoing Holiday Decorations!

Who doesn’t want to make the home appealing during holidays? And for sure, holiday decor makes the home fascinating for buyers. Some twinkling lights, pre-lit birch trees, and potted poinsettia would be amazing options. But try to avoid the decorations like a huge Christmas tree as it will cover most of the inner space.

Regardless of the things you choose for the decor, don’t overdo anything. That’s because not everyone likes the same decor, and not all and sundry celebrate the same holiday in the same way as you do.

But if you like to do heavy occasion decorations, take a break and don’t market your home at that time. Once the holiday is over, take off the decorations, market your house, and open it to potential buyers again.

5- A Hodgepodge of Area Rugs Will Make Your Rooms Look Choppy and Small

Area rugs look drop-dead gorgeous and protect your floors from damage, reduce noise, brighten the room, and give comfort. So definitely, they are worth it. But if you’re using a lot of small rugs, they won’t always work in your favor when selling your home.

Going with a jumble of area rugs can become the main mistake when selling your home. They can chop up the space visually. So, the rooms will appear small to the buyers, which might prevent them from making a deal with you. Isn’t it?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” says Benjamin Franklin. So why not say no to these area rugs when marketing and selling home fast in Florida?

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